What Are Your Starbucks Chai Tea Latte Sizes?

Photo of pretty girl with a starbucks chai latte

The chai we enjoy today is prepared through putting milk, sweeteners, black tea and spices all together. Due to chai tea’s popularity, several commercial coffee houses- like our favorite Starbucks, decided to offer it to the public. Their very own chai tea latte, definitely, is an excellent alternative to espresso coffees- more benefits, same energy!

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Why Will I Buy Café Escapes Chai Latte?

Photo of a lovely chai latte and a pumking muffin on a table

All of the chai latte’s healthy benefits have gone through several debates primarily because it makes use of several kinds of base teas. For instance, numerous people in India drink chai regularly because their history was able to see that chai is effective in treating medical diseases. In other countries, some of chai’s ingredients have been substituted with other herbs so it can better fit a particular disease.

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7 Easy Tricks to Make Your coffee More Eco-Friendly

Photo of a Keurig B70 Machine

One of the newest versions of a coffee pot today is the Keurig Coffee Machines.  This pot has been designed for easy use for one cup of coffee at a time.  It has grown quite popular by consumers because of its easiness to use and the variety of different flavors of coffee that can be purchased to be used with this pot.  The coffee is designed in a small plastic cup that when you put it in the coffee maker a hole is poked and the water will run through the cup and into your coffee cup waiting at the bottom.  There is a variety of flavored coffees such as mocha, French vanilla, decaf, regular roast, breakfast blend, do-nut flavored and way too many to name.
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How to reuse your K cups

Photo of a used K cup

The range of single coffee makers, with disposable cups has become very popular in the home. Reusing K cups can not only to reduce costs but also maximize efficiency, so that we can continue to enjoy the freshly brewed taste in under a minute. Additionally, some people have concerns about the amount of disposable waste they produce.

However, the Keurig coffee maker has a reusable cup, which can be reused at least four times, and possibly more. Reusing your K cup can be broken down into a few steps and all that is required is a small piece of regular tin foil. Here’s how to do it:

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Top 5 Keurig coffee makers


The Keurig coffee makers have revolutionized the way we drink coffee. This is because unlike regular coffee machines, they are also hot water dispensers. This means that they can also be used to make tea, cocoa and other drinks. There are various designs depending on your budget, and are very convenient for the whole family. Below is a guide to 5 of the best Keurig coffee machines covering their older K-Cup design. We will be producing an updated review guide later in the year looking at their new Keurig 2.0 series of brewers, of which we recently purchased being the K550 (a very good machine too).

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What are the best K cups for 2014?

Photo of a hot cup of coffee and spice

K cup varieties are becoming increasingly popular and are now available at a wide variety of store outlets. Additionally, Amazon has numerous delightful varieties available to order. The makers of the popular Keurig coffee makers, who founded the multi-billion K cup industries, have a long established tradition, for making great tasting coffee. However, as found within other industries, there have been attempts by competitors to provide cheaper alternatives.

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How to Use a Keurig Single Cup Coffee Maker


There appears to be two main concerns that people have about using a single coffee maker. Firstly, that they may not be able to use their own coffee and secondly that there is a lot of waste with disposable K cups. However, the most unique feature of the Keurig Coffee maker is its simplicity. It is exceptionally simple to operate, yet gives perfect results, every time. Unlike regular coffee machines the Keurig can also be utilized as a hot water dispenser, which means that it is similar to making coffee using a kettle. The Keurig machines also come with a reusable cup; therefore there is less worry about too much wastage

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